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Radio Silence

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I realize things have been quiet around here for quite awhile now and truthfully I’ve been struggling. In addition to the multiple physical illnesses I live with I also live with generalized anxiety and depression. It should be no surprise that someone who lives with chronic pain and illness gets anxious and depressed from time to time. This past year has been filled with hospitalizations, medication changes, procedures, and surgeries all in search of answers and solutions to the problems that plague me. Unfortunately not much progress has been made. This winter marked a decided low point in my treatment plan. At the beginning of October I had a J-tube placed and have since been utilizing it as my primary source of nutrition. I struggled for months to get the feeds under control. There was a significant disconnect and lack of communication between the surgeon who placed the tube and my gastroenterologist. Nobody seemed to know how to manage my tube long term and I was left with no support, floundering and searching for help on my own. After a lot of back and forth between doctors, insurance, and more doctors I finally found a nutritionist capable of putting together a treatment plan that was appropriate for my illnesses and my GI agreed to maintain. A mere seven months later and things were finally situated! No biggie, I just wasn’t able to eat but whatever. (Can you feel the sarcasm??)


So, fast forward to today, my current situation is a bit complicated, I continue to struggle with pain management and nutrition. Even though my health is wildly unpredictable and I physically am feeling generally lousy, my mindset is a bit better than it has been. Better weather, sunshine, and finally having some nutrition in my body makes a big difference. I will share more about where I stand medically in another post but for now know that I am here, I am trying, and I just keep on keepin’ on as they say. 🙂

Sending much love and gentle hugs to my fellow spoonies and spoonie supporters

xxoo Spoonie Mama