5-3-1 Challenge Update 

The timing of this personal challenge could not be any more beneficial than it already has been. I started this self improvement project not knowing that I was coming upon an acute episode of pancreatitis. For the last six days managing my disease has been very difficult, bordering on impossible. The daily meditation and recognition of gratitude has been a great help in keeping myself centered. I saw my therapist today and she commented on the fact that I didn’t seem stressed. I told her that I’ve been making a conscious effort to focus only on the things which I can control. It’s not easy but I’m definitely trying to let go of the things beyond the realm of my control. 

Today I am grateful for:

  • My GI doctor and his assistant for working hard to get me the help I need
  • BooBoo’s babysitter. She came early and stayed late today with zero advance notice. That type of flexibility in a support person is invaluable. 
  • BooBoo sleeping in until eight AND taking a three hour nap!

Today I meditated on my own and am definitely starting to get more out of it. I remember hearing from the woman who did my reiki treatments that your mind can wander to other thoughts while meditating. The important thing is to bring yourself back to center and end in a calm frame of mind. 

My random act of kindness was bringing in a package for a neighbor. I’m really going to miss some of the neighbors we have here. 

Are you taking the challenge? Have you started to notice any changes in your daily mood or stress levels?

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