Today I am a woman without a spoon. A spoon, a spoon, my kingdom for a spoon! Nope, not a spoon in sight. Things are not looking any better or brighter. 

Let’s get right to it  

Today I am grateful for:

  • Family
  • Pain killers
  • Blackout curtains 

My random act of kindness today was sending a fun gift to my bestie who is having a baby soon. 

Today I used the meditation from the TODAY.com website and it put me to sleep but that’s because I’m spoonless. I guess that means it worked?

Today I am not able to adult at all. Thank goodness for family, my inlaws took BooBoo for the day so Husby could get some packing and moving accomplished and I could play dead. 

I’m not feeling better, I don’t know what to do. My number one priority is to avoid hospitalization so I will be calling my GI doctor first thing Monday morning to make a plan of action but until then, I’m on my own. I need to do a better job of communicating what I need to Husby but I often don’t even know what I need myself. 

Being spoonless is like being a man without a country. I feel totally lost and don’t know how to help myself and that makes it difficult to communicate with others what I need. I appreciate when people offer help but it is difficult to accept at times. I feel selfish and like I’m an inconvenience to others. It’s a continual process with a steep learning curve to which we all have to adapt. 

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