5-3-1 Challenge: Day One


Yesterday I was feeling super motivated to start this challenge, but today was another story. I woke up with more intense pain and symptoms and really wanted to curl into a ball and hide all day. Luckily, I had a doctor’s appointment so that forced me out of bed. After I got home and got BooBoo down for his nap I laid down to do some guided meditation. Today I used a podcast called Sunset Dream by Lita Stone which was about ten minutes long. I definitely felt good afterwards. Next, I focused my energy on an act of kindness. My inlaws were coming over to help me with BooBoo and so I made my father in law’s favorite dinner as a thank you. It took more spoons than I would have usually spent on making dinner but I knew it was something that would make him happy and they are so helpful with BooBoo when I’m struggling with my symptoms. He was very appreciative and making him happy definitely made my heart happy. So now for the three things I am grateful for today;

  • Today I am grateful for a supportive and caring medical team. I have never felt like “just another patient” with any of my medical providers and on days like today that makes all the difference. Today I needed assistance to get some intervention before my symptoms become unmanageable and they made it happen.
  • Today I am grateful for the people who love me and my family enough to go out of their way to help when it’s needed. Today I did not have enough spoons to be Mama alone and needed help. Thankfully help was just a phone call away and both BooBoo and I got the support we needed.
  • Today I am grateful for air conditioning. The weather here was so hot and humid today and having air conditioning in my home made all the difference. The last thing I need to deal with when having a flare up is feeling hot and sticky. It may seem trivial but it is something I am grateful to have today.

When I woke up today I didn’t want to do this, but I did it and feel better for having accomplished day one of my personal challenge. If there is one thing chronic illness teaches you it’s that you have to take everything one step at a time.

How are you doing with the challenge? Share your progress in the comments!

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