Come On, Get Happy

As a stay-at-home mom I watch a lot of morning television and this morning something on the TODAY Show really caught my eye. Three secret numbers to help you lead a happier life 5-3-1. A five minute meditations, write down three positives about your day, and do one act of kindness. You can read their article here. Come to find out one of my favorites from the TODAY Show team, Hoda Kotb, swears by this very practice. She always comes across and so very genuinely happy and I love that about her and envy that in her. 

Livin with chronic illness often makes happiness feel like a chore and I would like to change that by proposing a challenge. The 5-3-1 challenge. For the next 21 days I am going to commit to a five minute meditation, writing down three things for which I am grateful, and performing one act of kindness. 

I invite you to join me, especially if you are a fellow spoonie. It is easy to get sucked into a dark space when you’re chronically ill and it may take a little extra effort to come into the light but for your own well being, as well as for the well being of those around you, we need to try this. 

You can try this 5 minute guided meditation from the Today Show website to start with. I’ve also downloaded some podcasts I am going to try out, I’ll let you know if any of them seem helpful. 

Come on, get happy with me!

One comment on “Come On, Get Happy
  1. Carol says:

    I’m going for it too!!! 5-3-1…everyday. Thank you for taking the time to help those with chronic illnesses; even those that are healthy could surely benefit from 5-3-1. Stay strong and keep up the blogs PLEASE!!!❤️

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