Four Ways to Enjoy Your Fourth When You’re a Spoonie

  Nothing says summer quite like a good old Fourth of July barbecue. Hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, watermelon, beer, sangria, cupcakes, and more beer. Hanging out in the backyard with family and friends, watching the kids play and eating yourself into oblivion. It’s pretty near impossible to have a social gathering without food being a part of the occasion. Most people don’t think twice about it but people like me, have to really make a plan when food is involved. Pancreatic Divisum means I cannot drink alcohol and cannot eat anything without carefully considering if it’s worth the pain I’ll experience afterwards. It’s hard to avoid food all together so I’ll pick at the fruit salad and eat some watermelon but if I want to be able to enjoy that picnic as much as everyone else I had better stay away from the food. 

Here are four ways to enjoy your fourth when food or drink cannot be a part of your day and you don’t want to draw attention to the fact that you’re not eating. 

  1. Gather the kids for a game of freeze tag. The adults are bound to join in because no one can resist a good game of tag. If it’s super hot make it a game of water gun tag. 
  2. Organize the sparklers and decorations. While everyone is eating excuse yourself to get things set up for after dinner fun. 
  3. Start a watermelon eating contest. It’s usually safe to have a piece but offer to be the judge so you’re still part of the fun. 
  4. As the excitement of the day starts to wear on the kids (and some adults too) gather everyone in the air conditioning for a movie night. You’ll be the cool grown up who let everyone come in to cool off while masking the fact that you’re out of spoons and just need to sit down for a while. 

It’s hard to be the life of the party when you have no energy and explaining to everyone why you’re not eating gets tedious. Try to find ways to make yourself useful without standing out too much and jump in with the fun in other ways. This is a day of celebration and no body should be left out. Happy Independence Day!!

One comment on “Four Ways to Enjoy Your Fourth When You’re a Spoonie
  1. AMH says:

    It helps to have you remind us of what you’re going through. You’re so good at putting on a great face that sometimes I forget how hard it is for you.

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